Lan Chen, MD, PhD

Lan Chen graduated from West China University of Medical Sciences (1986-1992) in China and started her pathology training in Beijing Tong Ren Hospital (1992-1996). She received her PhD in Anatomical and cellular Pathology Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong (1996-1999), and conducted post-doctoral research in School of Pharmacy, University of London (2000-2001) and Pathology Department of Hong Kong University (2003-2006). In 2007, she joined the Pathology Department of Beijing Hospital. She is now a cytopathologist in the department. Dr. Chen became FIAC in 2015 as the first qualified faculty member in mainland China and was elected to IAC Executive Council in 2016. She is the associate editor of ACTA CYTOLOGICA. Dr. Chen has been actively involved in the academic activities of Chinese Cytopathology Association (CCA) and IAC in the capacity of organizer and lecturer.

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