Eiichi Morii, MD, PhD

Eiichi Morii is a chairman of Department of Pathology, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine. He is also a chairman of committee on certification and management of certified surgical pathologist, and a member of working group on genomic pathology and that on molecular pathologist certification system in the Japanese Society of Pathology (JSP). He graduated in 1992 from Osaka University Medical School, and completed his thesis on transcriptional regulation of mast cell development in 1996. In 2012, he became a professor of Osaka University, and now a vice-dean from 2015. His scientific interest is the mechanism of yielding tumor heterogeneity and has been awarded Young Researcher Award and Academic Research Award (2001, 2002) from JSP and Kao Science Award (2004) from the Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences. He is also a director of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology.

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